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Byblos is thought to be the "oldest of all cities" as it has been continuously inhabited for over 7,000 years; the God El had founded it at the beginning of time and to the end of its history, it remained the religious capital of Phoenicia. Byblos today is a charming and laid-back village on the Mediterranean coast and a UNESCO world heritage site. 

Located within the heart of Byblos old Souks, Beit Faris wa Lucia (Faris & Lucia's Home) is a gem of a guesthouse! The gorgeous property boasts over two-thousand years of history: its foundations form part of the Crusader tower and the ceiling of its ground floor has stone arches dating back to the first century. The property was recently renovated and opened its doors as a guesthouse to the world!

Enjoy the magnificent rooftop view over the Mediterranean Sea and the ancient Citadel of Byblos or rest easy within the peaceful garden amongst the flowers and fruit trees.



The guesthouse is a tribute to Fares & Lucia who lived in the house. The guesthouse was the home in which they raised a family of eight children including Najwa, the current owner. Fares & Lucia were a charming couple known for their loving kindness and hospitality in Byblos. Their home was always open for family, friends and neighbors.

Daad their eldest daughter lived in the house for 40 years with her husband Boutros and continued this tradition. Nostalgic about the beautiful old times, Najwa and her family wanted to perpetuate this tradition of hospitality and decided to open their home as a guesthouse to be enjoyed by people from all over the world.

Today the guesthouse is run by Najwa and her beautiful daughter Carol with the support of Najwa's family and friends.



The guesthouse has three levels; the ground floor has a lush green garden with Mediterranean flowers and trees. It holds a big ancient room with stone arches and the house Olive & Thyme kitchen. The garden is a peaceful retreat within the old souks of Byblos where you can enjoy the scents of Jasmine in summer and orange blossoms in winter. This space is used as an open, multifunctional venue and an incubator for ideas and activities that enhance the quality of life in terms of healthy living and eating, music, spirituality, yoga, arts and poetry.

The first floor has three units: a suite with a double bed, a living area, kitchenette, ensuite bathroom and a private balcony overlooking the garden plus a private room with twin beds and a private shower. There is also a charming fully-equipped kitchen available for use by all guests.

The  second floor contains a luxurious apartment overlooking the old Citadel and sea. It has two bedrooms with double beds, a charming Yemeni-style bathroom, a kitchenette and a salon with a beautiful view. Rooms on this floor can also be reserved individually.

On the top floor is a magnificent terrace with a panoramic view over the ancient citadel and the Mediterranean. Here you can watch one of the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises in Byblos.







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Beit Faris wa Lucia (Raymond Edde Building)

30 meters from the first entrance of the old Roman Wall

Inside the old city, first home on your right facing UNESCO